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Spencer Romberg
Full Stack Developer
Joel Brewer
Software Architect
Reid Garner
Front End Developer

What it's like to build your app with us

First, we meet and discuss your ideas.
We call this first step a Deep Dive. Our goal is to listen and learn as much as we can about what you are trying to achieve.
Next, we design your app.
We work with you to turn your ideas into designs. Starting with sketches and mockups (often called wire-framing), we work our way to a final design you’ll be proud to call your own.
Finally, we build your app.
Once we have a set of designs you are happy with, we put on our headphones and turn those designs into functional code. Our process includes regular updates with you to ensure you’re kept up-to-date with the development process.

We make people happy

Junior Desinor
CEO - Toor Technologies

"Brewer Digital was by far one of my most trusted and reliable partners in this project. We have gone from a basic idea to preparing for a full market launch. These guys absolutely know what they are doing."

Landon Bell
Founder - Cycle

"You delivered excellent web development work, which was my expectation. What exceeded my expectation was the consultative input that helped to form some of the core functions of the platform. Maybe it’s that they listened and offered solutions at the right time. I wasn't charged for that, and looking back, I can't put a price on the difference that input made."

Diane Bailey
CEO - Riptide

"Brewer Digital was transparent in their capabilities and bid accurately. Communication was good and I didn't feel nickel and dimed!"

We involve you and keep tech simple.

Whether you have an idea for a new app or need help with existing software, we’re here to listen and solve your problems.