Wheels Down

Released subscription-based app on Apple and Google, adding a revenue stream to the Wheels Down portfolio

Truck drivers don't have it easy. Among the multitudes of problems faced by the modern truck driver, one of the most dangerous is the unavailability of quality weather information. The inability for drivers to easily access weather data along an upcoming route means most drivers are "driving blind" with regards to inclement weather. We worked with Wheels Down to solve this problem.

The app we developed enables drivers to quickly pre-plan their route, providing them with location and time-specific weather data every hour along their route. We integrate with numerous systems to access these data points and display them in a user-friendly format. Our algorithms display truck safe routes, avoiding low bridges and truck restricted roads, and calculate future weather conditions based on the driver's ETA for a particular waypoint.

The technology we chose to architect this project includes: Ruby on Rails for the backend API, React Native for the frontend, Turf.js for geospatial analysis, and AWS for our API deployment.