Paul Nielsen, a leading authority on database design and architecture, invented GroverDB, an enterprise-grade database platform built for the information age.  Users of GroverDB can easily add, manipulate, and visualize reams of data, providing instant access to high-quality business intelligence. This no-code platform enables anyone in an organization, not just the specialized database geek, to glean insights previously unavailable to the masses.

While Paul and his team were highly qualified to design and develop the internals of the database software, Brewer Digital was contracted to architect and create the client-facing web application. We worked closely with the GroverDB team to architect an enterprise-grade front-end, matching the robustness and reliability of the underlying database. We also made it beautiful, because "Pixels sell" (Paul Nielsen).

When Brewer Digital was first engaged, GroverDB lacked a coherent technology strategy for their client-facing application. Over the course of several years, a number of part-time developers had crafted a prototype version of GroverDB. While the prototype served the purposes of proving the concept, it was necessary for GroverDB, focused on selling to enterprise clients, to build out an enterprise-grade software process. Brewer Digital led the charge by: implementing workflows allowing the engineering team to scale, improving the architecture of the system to reduce bugs and increase stability, and improving the user experience through carefully considered design improvements. We did all of this within the context of their existing software, only re-building pieces of software where absolutely necessary, thus allowing GroverDB expedient usage of limited capital.