Chef Connect

Making date nights and dinner parties easy.

Chef Connect exists to make date nights and dinner parties easy. We designed and developed their flagship product, a mobile application for iOS and Android. The idea arose when our founder, Leo, orchestrated an in-home dining experience for his girlfriend. That special evening required dozens of calls and complex planning. Because we’re not all like Leo, Chef Connect exists for the rest of us.

Our first task for Chef Connect was to craft a consistent brand image. Prior to moving into the app design process, Chef Connect wanted a professional identity for use on all customer-facing materials. In addition to increasing the professionalism of the company, the branding also provided a strong starting-off point for the app design process.

After branding, our next step was working with Chef Connect to design the functionality and layout of the application. This process began with pencil sketches and whiteboards and ended with high-resolution design files. These files served as blueprints as we moved into development, where we turned those designs into functional code.

We chose Ruby on Rails for our back-end technology and React Native for the front-end. We also used Stripe for payments, Redux for state management, and the Google Maps API for capturing addresses. We kept the architecture simple, favoring a smart/dumb component model on the front-end and the default Rails API architecture, augmented with Service Objects, on the back-end.